Team Rockit’s Urban Displays provide high energy, high adrenaline and highly entertaining shows with the unique bike sport called, Bike Trials.

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Richard Smith

Age: 28
Favorite cuisine: If I had to choose, Spanish
Favorite movie: Anything with Tom Hanks in it
Position: Team owner, trials rider

Tom Mcmillan

Age: 30
Favorite cuisine: Mexican, got to love a burrito
Favorite movie: Depends on the day of the week, either the ‘Little Mermaid’ or ‘Batman’
Position: Rig fabricator, trials rider

I am writing to offer our sincere thanks for supporting Amelia’s Rainbow by joining us for the day with your AMAZING bike display, which had crowds of people entertained throughout your two shows.
You guys really were the talk of the town and we feel very honored that you have supported us for the last 3 years!
Your support meant so much to us all and I am very pleased to announce that we raised a staggering £4,002!
Support like yours is invaluable, we are looking forward to another successful year to enable us to reach even more children and families.

Natalie and the team at Amelia’s Rainbow

Natalie and the team at Amelia’s Rainbow