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Richard Smith / Richie Rich

Born November of 1989, Rich’s dance journey began like many, as a kid in the lounge dancing to Michael Jackson. From there took it on as a GCSE, then furthered his learning in Performing Arts at A-Levels.

Since then, Rich has worked hard to reach goals and push limits in his dance with the aim of being as good, entertaining and as versatile in the Street Dance styles as possible.

Rich has learnt and trained from pioneers of these styles to get to the very roots of this culture so he can pass on the correct knowledge whilst developing himself at the same time. Rich is very involved and active in the local (Bournemouth, UK) scene from teaching, hosting and organising events all year round, for example, Vile Style, Bournemouth’s biggest HipHop event. So if he doesn’t see you in class, pretty sure he’ll see you around.

Wanting to reach out to more individuals who put or want to put a ‘Have No Limits’ mentality towards their craft whether it be, kayaking, martial arts, weightlifting and so on, in 2011, Team Rockit was founded. It was created as a mantra if you will, something anyone can be and feel a part of to help them in their own journey.