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At Rockit, we train our street dancers to be versatile, and to have a sound understanding of the origins and the pioneers of street dance.

Street dance is an umbrella term for dance styles such as popping, locking, breakin, hip-hop, house to name a few. We work on the fundamental foundation, groove, technique and history behind each while encouraging our dancers to express those styles in their own unique way.

I am writing to offer our sincere thanks for supporting Amelia’s Rainbow by joining us for the day with your AMAZING bike display, which had crowds of people entertained throughout your two shows.
You guys really were the talk of the town and we feel very honored that you have supported us for the last 3 years!
Your support meant so much to us all and I am very pleased to announce that we raised a staggering £4,002!
Support like yours is invaluable, we are looking forward to another successful year to enable us to reach even more children and families.

Natalie and the team at Amelia’s Rainbow