At Rockit, we aim to develop versatile Street Dancers! Street Dance being an umbrella term for styles such as Popping, Locking, Breakin, HipHop, House to name a few. We work on the fundamental foundation, groove, technique and history behind each style whilst developing as an individual and unique dancer.

Richie Rich is very active within the local hip hop dance community, both through his work with Team Rockit but also through his involvement in the annual B-town Throwdown festival & Vile Style battles in Bournemouth. As a dance teacher, he has a talent for building the confidence of the young people he works with, and creating a fun environment for them to train. He also tirelessly seeks opportunities for the dancers in his crew, resulting in them performing at many platforms and events.

Danielle Rose, Programming & Producing Manager, Pavilion Dance South West

Danielle Rose