We’d like to invite you to take a look at our brand new ‘Urban Display’ section to our site.

The Team behind the displays have been working extremely hard to bring you shows that not only highly entertain an audience, but also educate them.

Using such a unique bike sport, and an extreme one at that, bike trials is a sport that completely questions what is physically possible on a bicycle.

They’re the only display team of it’s kind on the south coast of the UK. So south coast event organisers, get in touch to book us for an event near you.

Bike Trials is an official UCI bike sport. In the UK there isn’t much evidence of it, although at the UCI World Championships in 2017, two British riders ranked in the top 10. Andrei Burton and the current champion, Jack Carthy. Whilst we’re here, we are wishing them and all the other riders the best of luck for 2018’s season.

The Team Rockit, Bike Trials Display aim to educate more and more people in the UK about this sport, all whilst aiming to inspire more and more young ones to hop on a bike.

Guess you never know, the display team might be seeing you soon.