A Thought To Think About

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The thing we must focus on, is what makes us unique in the choices we make!  Stay focused on the path that makes you who you are!  Sometimes we find ourselves drifting of course, which is natural but…

World Champ

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A huge shout out and congratulations to @tobystannard for winning back his title as the Over16’s All Star champion at the weekends UDO World Championships in Glasgow! 

Find YOUR Way!

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If there is obstacle in your way, mould, work and discover YOUR way around or this case over it!!  #TeamRockit

Past, Present, Future 

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Let the past experiences, mistakes and lessons guide you along a fun filled present time of pleasure, enjoyment and success that you want to take with you in the future!  #teamrockit #havenolimits

Nothing but good times! 

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Fill your life with nothing but good times, good people and good food!  Live life to the absolute fullest and keep moving!  #TeamRockit #HaveNoLimits 

Take a step back! 

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Sometimes you got to just step back, take a breath and appreciate what you got… and know what you can have, if you put in the work!! #HaveNoLimits

Thank you for the support!

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The support we receive is truly amazing! Thanking @s.smiffy1991 and @jamie_coe_e30 for this wonderful shot down Lulworth Cove along the Jurassic coastline of Dorset!  #teamrockit #havenolimits

Happy Birthday Marissa!

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We would like to wish a very happy birthday to one of most amazing and kindest people we know!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY @marissamccallam

It’s Video Time

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We have started filming and working on sponsored dancer Toby Stannard’s video!  All we have to say is, it’s going to be a good one!  Watch this space!  #TeamRockit

Travis Bussell

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A nice shot here of Travis courtesy of Matteo!  Travis is nicely rockin the circular design t-shirt along with a first SnapBack!  #TeamRockit