Just recently we had the pleasure of working with dancer, Joshy James a.k.a B-boy Concuss putting together a video showcasing the dance style, BREAKIN’.

Know through the main stream media as breakdance, this style is the DANCE element of the culture, HIPHOP!

Created on the streets of the South Bronx in the early 1970’s, this dance is seen and known world wide. For those that take this style and culture seriously, they are known as b-boys and b-girls.

Many instantly assume the ‘B’ in those terms stands for, ‘breaking’, as in the dance it’s self but it actually stands for ‘break’, as in the break in the music which “back in the day” was the part in the music that the b-boys and b-girls would get down too!

On that note, here is a link to the video.